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About the blog

We have all gone through a period in our lives when everything was alright. I’m talking about those golden years of school and college. When there was no stress of impending deadlines, or the constant shadow of looming tasks.

We weren’t bothered by how much money we had or weren’t comparing ourselves to others’ social media accounts. We weren’t so intimately aware of our own failings.

But for many of us, times have changed. Even if everything appears to be ‘okay’ on the outside, we do have this constant feeling of something being wrong. As if we are not enough.

Emotional problems like anxiety and depression are one of the most common causes of suffering for us. And Mental Health has truly become the buzz word. But the recognition of an emotional problem and approach to deal with it is fundamentally different in men and women. Maybe it’s because men have never been conditioned to give much importance to their feelings. But not dealing with feelings only makes them worse and insidious.

Some of us men deal with our emotional problems by being busy. By being responsible sons, dependable buddies, hard-working professionals. As a result of our hard-work and responsible behaviors in these areas of life, we do indeed achieve success. But this success is only seen from others’ eyes.

Inside we may still feel a sense of emptiness. Having a higher purpose and constantly moving toward that purpose is a crucial part of men’s psyche. But we often get stuck in the grind.

Strong Men Blog is created to serve as an ongoing guide for men who want to achieve internal fortitude & strength of mind without losing focus of external success. The goal is to become strong, on the inside as well as outside.

We as men like to be dependable. We like to help out. We like to be of value. We like to bring something to the table. But in the midst of our need to be so perfect, we sometimes forget to take care of our own selves.

This blog intends to always remind you that you must put your own oxygen mask first, before you can go ahead and help someone else with it.

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